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Hallberg Rassy are worldwide recognized top quality blue water cruising yachts. All yacht models are ‘polished by the sea’ and experience of both the yard team as well as the owners.


When you make the step from a Hallberg or comparable sailing yacht to a motor yacht an Elling Yacht is a ‘must see’.




These yachts have always combined good comfort with easy handling and ‘there is no need to be soaking wet to enjoy sailing’ as you can read on their website.


The same applies to sailing an Elling yacht!


When you step on board you will instantly recognize the super layout, comparable to that of a Hallberg sailing yacht.


> The wheelhouse is your comfortable steering position that provides a safe and secure hiding place when the weather gets worse. And it is a place to be with your friends when at anchor or in the harbour. You can enjoy the ‘cabrio-convertible feeling’ when the sunroof is open!


> The layout of salon, master cabin and guest cabin is focused on privacy, maximizing space on board as well as a secure working place at sea for the galley.


> On all models you have the choice for either a third cabin or an on board office.

Further similarities between a Hallberg and Elling yacht:


> Effortless and comfortable cruising. Well: the best way to experience this is to call Mr. Anton van den Bos (Director) on his direct phone: +31 6 55 155 127 to arrange a visit tot the ELLING SHIPYARD in AALST. See how the Elling yachts are made and then make an appointment for a test sail!


Before you visit please take a look at this video made by the famous Gemanb YACHT MAGAZIN team:


‘Motoboot gegen Segelyacht’:



(Mr. Anton van den Bos in the ‘Tanzsaal’-salon front right).



> Sturdy Construction. The hull of the Elling - in addition to the high quality GRP work - is reinforced with the super strong Aramid Fiber TWARON. Extra safety and top quality! Which other GRP yacht offers this advantage to you?



> Signature Seaworthyness. All Elling Yachts are certified CE category A and maximum focus has been on safety at sea. Ranging from a solid steel and 80 cm high sea railing around the yacht to built-in hull steps, safety glass and even a second engine; totally redundant with separate fuel tank, battery, propeller and rudder. Which other motor yacht in its class does offer you the same features?


> A powerful engine with big tankage. On all models you have choices to be made in VOLVO engines: ranging form 190 to 435 HP on the E-3 and E-4 model to 900 HP on the E-6. This enables you to reach speeds of 18-knots plus. Safe & secure when a (fast) ferry comes to close or when you want to avoid bad weather on the open water.  The tankage on every Elling is big. In 2008 three Elling E-4 models even made a transatlantic crossing! Do you know any other series production motor yacht that did the same?


Must read:



In this article you can also read the capsize test Anton van den Bos did while some 500 people watched the succesfull test! I was among the crowd and happy to offer Anton a bottle of champagne for his ‘baptism’.


> Nice Woodwork. High quality veneers and top craftmanship are common on Hallberg as well as on Elling yachts. Ken Freivokh created a Masterpiece in Interior Design with an unbeatable layout.




> High tech production. As well as at the Hallberg Rassy yard Elling has been using hig tech CNC milling since the development of the interiors. Compuer Aided Design (CAD) and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) nowadays are common in the yachting industry. In Holland Elling was among the first to adopt these techniques which made it possible to reduce building time and achieve constant high quality with minimal tolerances.


> Maximum use of all interior volume


> the salon offers an unrivaled social space with two separate seats,pop up tv and a large dining area. The sofa is round and immediately invites you for a comfortable seating, dinner, drink or quiet place when ‘the captain’ is on the wheel. Compare the salon and interior space to the salon of a Hallberg Rassy 57 or 64 Feet model.... on a 49 Feet Elling E-4! And you will be amazed.


> two bathrooms with electrical toilets, separate shower, sink, a range of mirrors, floor heating (!), porthole and mechanical ventilation, heated towel rail (!) and many more enjoy-items... So you can have total privacy when your family or guests are on board, even for long holiday trips.


> intelligent and maximum storage. All Elling yachts have ample storage space both outside (fenders, lines, folding bikes, cushions etc.) as well as in the interior. Since these yachts are designed and built by top professionals nothing is left to coincidence! Even a special wine bottle store is on board…


> Timeless Style. On the water you immediately recognize a Hallberg Sailing yacht and an Elling yacht also. Both share their own timeless style. Like a Hallberg yacht of 2 decades old the first Elling yachts still are modern and the trawler style never gets out of style. Starting the six year (!) design development in the early nineties Elling has always focused on timeless and seaworthy design in stead of trendy and temporarily design solutions. For instance: on board you see rounded and bent forms everywhere: safe at sea but expensive to produce. A rounded cornice is three to five times MORE expensive than a simple straight cornice. And on board - both outside as well as in the interior - of every Elling you find dozens of examples of these expensive but beautiful solutions.... Compare it to other yachts and you will conclude that Elling offers you best value for your money.


> Value for money. Both Hallberg and Elling yachts are not bargains. That is not possible given all the thousands of high quality components and premium quality craftmanship.

Both yachts are timeless yachts that don’t go out of style. The result for you: maximum resale value! An Elling holds its purchase value; after 5 years 80 % of the purchase price.


> Family Company. Both the Hallberg Rassy and Elling companies are family owned companies. They share the passion for the sea, the building of top quality yachts and have decades of experience....


For more information please also visit:


Hallberg Rassy: www.hallberg-rassy.com

Twaron: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teijin_Aramid

and: www.teijinaramid.com


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