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Elling E-3 in Six foot waves off the Florida Coast. Flag Blue.


Every Elling Yacht is semi custom built.

Within the proven and tested concept yhou have many hundred choices to create your own and personal Elling Yacht.

In all models E 3, E 4 and E 6.

Hull color

The hull color is one of the most visible and striking item of any yacht.

Ranging from the well known ‘flag blue’ to white and all other more personal colors: the choice is yours!

Plain colors as well as metallic colors to give that extra ‘shine & sparkle’.

Our target is to finish your dream yacht in the color that makes your head turn every time you look at her…
and look back again with a big smile on your face!


Below please find a few examples of hull colors.

Of course the colors of the soft furnishing in the interior can be matched to your personal preferences.


That’s one example of the way we build your Dream Elling Yacht!

Elling E 3 Vibrant Red

Hull Color Castle Tan

Elling E-4 Desert Sand

Elling E 4 in Sable Brown

Elling E 3 on an inland waterway, light grey

Low clearance for the inland waterway to the Mediterranean! Foldable radar arch

Elling E-4 Medium Grey

in her Element!

Elling E-4 in Racing Green off the St Tropez Coast;  lovely! Note the convertible roof and gangway
for docking 'Med Style'

Beautiful white E 6 in the Meditterranean.