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Every Elling yacht is semi custom built. That means that a number of items are fixed and non customizable. Such as the general layout of the yacht (hull shape, bulkheads etc.)


If you would choose a full custom built motor yacht of the same size and with the same quality and specifications the price you would have to pay would be twice or even more the amount you pay for an Elling. Plus a threefold development and building time.


And: without the guarantee of well-thought out quality into every detail. You would need an experienced and well paid yacht designer and project manager to reach the same result as with the Elling yachts.

But: semi custom built does not mean that there are not a lot of choices for you!


From engine to interior: you can decide many - hundreds - options to make the Elling your dream yacht!

To give you a few examples please see below.


When ordering your ELLING YACHT our team will go through all the steps and we will build your personal yacht.


  1. Hull Colour. Every Elling yacht is finished in a color of your preference. For inspiration please visit: www.awlgrip.com/support-and-advice/color-cards.aspx# Ranging from standard to metallic colors (option) there is a wide variety to personalize your Elling. Whether you go for the well known FLAG BLUE or choose the metallic BRAZIL BROWN or even MOONGLOW SILVER: our application specialists take care of your choice. We always say: Hans and his fellow workers in the spraying and finishing department put your Elling a Gala Dress on so that seeing your Elling brings a shining smile on your face!
  2. Engine selection. You have a wide choice in selecting the engine(s) of your yacht. VOLVO offers many power choices for your main engine and the auxiliary engine if required. See www.volvopenta.com Also visit the webpage: VOLVO: THE HEART OF YOUR ELLING.
  3. Navigation equipment. From radar to plotter and from forward looking sonar to....: Raymarine offers state of the art multifunctional navigation technology with touch screen displays: from radar tot AIS receiver and from thermal night vision (FLIR) to on board cameras. Please visit www.raymarine.eu for information and inspiration.
  4. Interior. Most interiors of Elling yachts are made in high quality timeless solid and veneered American Cherrywood, sprayed in high gloss or in satin. The cherrywood interior appeals to most of our customers. A second option is Sapeli Mahogany combined with deluxe fabrics. It is also possible to have a more customized interior in oak or other varieties (option). Please take into consideration that these special wishes require a longer building time and are optional. 
  5. Fabric & leather choices. For all seats and sofas there is a wide fabric color variety available. Both inside and for the outdoor furniture. Ranging from subdued to vibrant colours, from patterns to uni fabrics: we realize your dream yacht also with the important soft furnishing items.


  1. Floors. We always pay maximum attention to seaworthiness and low maintenance. Also when it comes to the carpeting of your Elling. Teak or cherrywood laminate with holly strips in off white or black is standard; options are -removable - carpets in salon and cabins, matching with the interior design of your yacht.


  1. Galley Equipment. Whether you a hobby cook or leave the cooking to the other chef: MIELE appliances can be choosen: from induction cooking to microwave oven, form built in coffee machine to dishwasher, washer and drier etc. Please visit the website: www.miele.com for inspiration.


  1. Countertops. We use CORIAN countertops for the galley and bathroom furniture. There is a wide variation in designs and colors. Please visit www.corian.com to get inspired and make your space...! Make your own moodboard on the site!


  1. Audio Visual Equipment. Apart from your smartphone: we install SAMSUNG top quality 4-K, 8K QLED tv-sets in the salon and Please visit: www.samsung.com/uk or www.samsung.com/us  for more information and inspiration!

    For audio equipment many Elling owners choose for the well known FUSION stereo units even with built in WiFi or bluetooth and NEMEA 2000, ready to link with your multi function display.  And: You can stream your favorite soundtrack from any compatible device with control* available from the stereo or your control connected Apple or Android device via the FUSION-Link Bluetooth App. Convenience and fun! Decide in which cabins you like speakers and other options as well as on the aft deck for your personal audio experience.More information and inspiration you can find on the dedicated website: www.fusionentertainment.com


As you can see: we pay attention to every single detail to make your Elling as perfect as can be!


  1. Mood lightning! Modern techniques allows you to further customize your Elling: on the outside with underwater lights even in multicolour. In the interior Elling uses LED lamp fixtures for low energy consumption. Readinglights and mood lights can be choosen to your personal preferences. Extra options are: LED moodlighting in staircase, under seats and sofas etc. As you can see: hundreds of choices to personalize your yacht.


  1. Taps and mixers for bathroom kitchen. For quality we choose hansgrohe high quality products. From kitchen mixers to ‘raindance’ showers. For inspiration please visit the website on www.hansgrohe.com If your choice is even more specific: tell us your personal wishes.


  1. Watermaker. (Optional). A convenient item on board of your Elling: No more depending on external water hoses in marinas. We install the SCHENKER top quality and low energy using water maker you need for your daily water needs. The electric consumption is up to 80 % (!) lower compared to conventional systems. Please visit the website: www.schenkerwatermakers.com


  1. Whisper Energy. All Elling yachts are Whisper equipped with the new LI-Ion batteries. More expensive but low maintenance and future proof. Combined with the Whisper Genverter and the Whisper Genset you have all electric energy needed on board.


  1. Kabola Heating. The dutch diesel fired heating boilers for continuous use. From the standard KB ECOLINE COMBI you can upgrade to the all new KB ECOLINE HYBRID which combines both diesel and electrical heating. It can be combined to the central heating, floor heating and even to the air conditioning system. Visit www.kabolaheaters.nl/en/category/kb-ecoline-hybrid-en/ For extra convenience you can order (optional) an intelligent thermostat with GSM-Module. Then your yacht is cosy warm upon your arrival in the marina! See: www.kabolaheaters.nl/en/category/thermostaat-met-gsm-module-en/


  1. Extra bathroom convenience. Standard are heated towel rails but if you go for maximum bathroom comfort: electrical floor heating and a hybrid towel heater: even in warmer seasons you have heated towels!


  1. Airconditioning. Depending on the area you want to use your ELLING yacht: Webasto offers the best in Marine Airconditioning. Apart from top class ventilation throughout the yacht individual aircon can be ordered (optional). Please visit www.webasto.com. Our staff will be glad to give you the best advice. Combined with hot water central heating (KABOLA) you will enjoy top quality comfort in any climate!