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On a wonderful sunny and warm February day

Blue sky...

I had the opportunity to visit

a magnificent brand new Elling E-4

Just hours before the delivery to the proud owner….


I catched the Elling Feeling © in some pictures for you!


On the jetty she was lying next to her sister (or brother): another brand new E-4.

Her sister (or brother if you prefer!)

The entrance gate to the swim platform, seen from the aft deck.

The sofa on the aft deck, cushions carefully covered in plastic.

Very innovative and one of the dozens of intelligent extra's on every Elling: fold up fender holders that double as.... extra seating capacity!
(Both on port and on starboard). So you have many seats on the aft deck and lots of storage for cushions also.

And two more seats on the front deck; openable.

And closed in five seconds. Convenience!

Anchor, Shining beauty!


And the remote controlled anchor winch.

Sun screens on the front windows. Privacy and less sunshine coming in. Of course also shades on the inside.

And there we find the first fridge, two steps away from the aft deck; easy!

Have a comfy seat in your captain's chair on the aft deck.

Inside: everything is thought out; from door fitting to LED lights. Cherry wood in satin gloss.

As you can see here as well as one of the sound speakers of the FUSION Integrated Sound System.

Which is in a lovely cabinet in the salon. The display also can be monitored on from 'The Chef's Seat' (Captain's Chair) as you can see:

Multi functional display (one of...)

The RAYMARINE HYBRID TOUCH DISPLAY for chartplotter, radar. fishfinder and all instrument displays, completely linked.

The smaller displays; here in Dutch for engine control.

Wind angle and wind speed, digital display; lovely clear. The wind is nearly silent on this unforgettable February Sunny Day!

Heading, Compass and Auto pilot.


Switched on with a smart keytag.

Brand new with only 2.2 Hours on the counter (Testing engine).

Also on the extra display: Oil Pressure, Fuel Consumption, Coolant temperature, RPM Engine etc.: like on your private plane !

And the throttle.

The rear view camera on display. You never want to moor without it...


Chartplot function and zoomable like on your tablet or smartphone.

Anton van den Bos will do the Delivery. First a short trip to Heusden. Lovely little village!

The Whisper Power System Touch Screen Display in the wheelhouse. Power in abundance! You see: Voltage 27,5 Volts and everything 100 % charged.

The genny is standby. At the moment on shore power; you can see the maximum 12 Amps available.

The Double Bed in the Owners Cabin: also covered in plastic for delivery. 

The DOMETIC tank monitor: waste water level low and clear indication. Convenience on board....in every single detail. Even the location of the indicator and switches: all Elling Team Members are Passionate Perfectionists.

In the salon I see a Schenker Water Maker. Well accessible.

In the second guest cabin: All manuals, superbly organized in two cases and an ELLING toolkit. Perfection in every detail.

Then the ELLING E-4 sails away and on the Elling Parking my eyes spot a wonderful sports car:

The BENTLEY Continental GT W12


Horse Power and Brake Power ;-)

So come to Aalst and enjoy a test sail with an Elling and you will never forget: The Elling Feeling ©.