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Technical features on the Elling E6

To start with: the indicrectly illuminated E-6 sign on port and starboard side of Your Elling E-6 Wheelhouse..
Our dedication to perfection. When you are in a marina the Sign will be Your Home Sign!

Beautiful, to enjoy from any angle!

Pcture made with You in mind!

Finished ELLING E-6 Moored but we go back in time:

During the build we cover the hull and will give you some information about the technical
features of the E-6 Yacht

The cover is useful because the hull is very carefully finished and sprayed by our professionals:

Here seen during priming and sanding!

  1. The “Aquadrive®” Pressure bearing and homo-kinetic coupling.
    From the experience with the Elling E4, we know that in order to keep the noise and vibration level down, it is essential to mount the engine on flexible rubber mounts. This is only possible if the axial force of the shaft (this is the force that pushes the boat forward) is taken up by a separate pressure bearing and not by the engine. To make sure that the engine can move freely on its soft rubber mounts, there must also be a flexible coupling between the shaft and the engine.

    Detail picture of the Flexible Engine Mount (Here seen outside the yacht before installation) Combined with the AQUADRIVE!

Close up of the Aquadrive: Smooth Sailing!

Another picture, showing the mounting here (not yet finished, see one bolt!). Also in the picture
the massive stainless steel mounting bracket. We go for Ocean & High Seas Quality!

Drivetrain mount, massive Stainless Steel!


  1. The Volvo Penta D13 - 900 hp 6 cylinder in line engine.

The Elling Concept is always based on a single engine power train with a complete separate back up engine with a separate fuel tank. A single prop drive system has a far better efficiency than a twin prop. Therefore, the fuel efficiency of the Elling E6 is fantastic. At 8 knots The Elling E6 has a range of more than 2,500 Nautical miles.

VOLVO Crates arrive very regularly at the Elling Shipyard. Carefully packed and protected

Alwaus awakens the Kid in me: Feels like Santa Claus Presents!

Unpacking the crates and boxes.

Genuine Original VOVLO parts only!

Instructions are everywhere! And of course we follow them carefully.

Obvious but another Checkpoint on our TO DO AND TO CHECK Lists!

There She (Green Swedish Lady Power M/F) is! 900 HP! WOW! That's even more than
your Sports Car!

Impressive! Shivers... NINE HUNDRED HORSES!

Common Rail Hih Tech Diesel Engine

Our mechanics prepare the engine for hoisting. Piet is one of our Crane Specalists!

900 Horsepower hovering seemingly weightless in the air. Piet is exactly manoeuvring!
Front: one Elling E-6 in build, behind one E-4 and one E-6 in the assembly hall

Itg's a power giant!

Be careful!

Lowering slowly and carefully.
In familiar hands of our experienced team

Oil filter and bypass filter (at easy reach!)

Big exhaust, Halyard British Megayacht Quality

Exhaust insulation

Quite a big waterlock

Expertly installed by our technicians!

The VOLVO EngineControl Lever seen from an uncommon angle (downside). Here you
see the connectors for the digital engine control


Detail of the VOLVO PENTA Throttle. Come on board to feel the touch

Part of the dasboard, the main engine control panel
with protective foil on the rev counter.

As the main engine, we have chosen for the Volvo Penta D13 900 hp engine, as this is the largest available marine engine with 6 cylinders in line. As in the Elling, the main engine is mounted mid-ships, an engine with the cylinders in a “V” shape would limit the accessibility for maintenance or it would limit the space in the galley and guest cabin. Ease of maintenance and accessibility of all mechanical equipment has always been one of our main objectives. Also the possibility to replace the engine, without any damage to the boat or the furniture, was also achieved in the design of the Elling E6. This 900 hp engine will bring the Elling E6 to a maximum speed of 22 Knots

VOLVO and BORG WARNER Transmission: worldwide well known

  1. The Hydraulic “Side Power” Bow and stern thrusters.
    As in the Elling E6 we have more space available than in the Elling E4, we have chosen for hydraulic bow- and stern thrusters. The advantage Of hydraulics is that the thrusters can run continuously. The Elling E6 can very easy be manoeuvred single handed. If no one is available to fix the mooring
    lines, it will be possible to push the boat against the quay with the bow- and stern thrusters, while fixing the mooring lines.

    Top Quality Hudraulic Systems

    Close up of the 'Hydro Pack' with clear  instructions, easily accessible

    Continuous Side Power!

    Bow- and sternthruster and Anchor lift combined in one top class system.
  2. The “Kabola” Heating system.

As in the Elling E3 and E4, we have chosen for a water filled central heating system with radiators in all separate cabins and areas. This gives always a convenient climate in the boat, even in extreme winter conditions. If the boat stays in the water over the winter period, it is not necessary to winterize the boat, if the central heating system is stand by.



  1. The Webasto Chilled water Air-conditioning system.

The Elling E6 is capable for travelling all over the world. This means that the boat must be equipped with air-conditioning system that ensures a comfortable living environment.

The BlueCool V50 M, part of the all-new V-Series Chiller Systems, brings innovation to the industry with the  latest technology for maximum performance in varying weather conditions. The BlueCool V50M, with a cooling capacity up to 50,000 BTU is suitable for boats with three or more independent cabins.

Webasto Control Unit: 19 Centigrade or...Your temperature at the touch of a fingertip!
In design & coordinated switch panel covers; we are dedicated to perfection in every detail.

For...You and Your Elling!

Many advantages and Top of the Bill Technique! Green Marine Climate Control!

The main control unit

  1. The Volvo Penta D-2 75 hp Spare engine with shaft propulsion.

The Elling E6 will standardly be equipped with a 75 hp spare engine. This will always ensures a safe journey to the port. Even in case of fuel pollution in the main fuel tanks, you can rely on this spare engine, as she is equipped with her own fuel tank. This combines a higher reliability than a twin engine boat, with all advantages of a single engine boat, such as: good fuel economy, low centre of gravity,  more interior space, better accessibility of the engine, lower maintenance costs and an enormous cost saving.

VOLVO D 2 75 HP, well known VOLVO engine

Detail, Oil Level Dipstick and emergency control (right)

Before mounting, note here also the flexible engine mounts

The auxiliary Engine has a totally separate control unit
Just like in airplanes: a redundant system. Best of the best.

  1. “Seakeeper”- 9 Stabilizing system.

One of the few options on the Elling (most equipment is standard) is the Seakeeper Gyro stabilizing system. As the Elling E6 has a very high stability from the design, thanks to a low centre of gravity and a wide beamed underwater body, a stabilizer is not strictly necessary. Especially due to the fact the semi displacement Hull can be stabilized with the excess power of the main engine: If the E6 reaches a speed, well above the displacement speed of 9 knots, the boat will stabilize itself. But at low speed or even on anchor, the Seakeeper 9 Gyro stabilizing system will ensure a very smooth and quite behaviour in choppy seas.



  1. Electrical system.
    For the electrical system in the Elling E6, we have chosen for a revolutionary and completely different system, based on the latest developments of Li-Ion batteries and invertor technology. A development that has led to  TESLA’s decision to build (together with Panasonic) a complete new factory for Li-ION batteries for domestic use in combination of intermittent power supply by solar panels and wind turbines.

    At Elling Yachts, we see many parallels with the intermittent supply and –use of electricity and we are convinced that this development will lead to better, more reliable and cost effective batteries in the very near future.

    The hart of the system will be a 14 kW inverter, which ensures a continuous supply of AC power at a constant frequency. This continuous AC supply ensures a reliable power source, even for high sensitive electronic equipment such as computers and house hold equipment, that contain more and more electronics nowadays.
    The power to the invertor will be supplied by a 16 kW-hour LI-ION battery bank. The battery bank can be charged from several sources:
  • Shore power: This can be any type of power supply, from 40 volt to 360 Volt AC (any frequency) or DC.
  • Generator. The Elling E6 will have an 8 kW generator on board. This generator will automatically switch on when the battery is getting at low level. The supplied power of the generator is variable and automatically adjusted to the power level that is needed, depending on the power that is available from other sources (F.I. solar panels or shore power).
  • The alternator of the engine. When the engine is running, the powerful 160 Amp alternator of the engine will supply up to 3.5 kW power to the batteries.
  • Other power supplies, such as solar panels.

    During installation; Passion for Perfection

    All ELLINGYACHTS feature a world class electrical system, inevery detail

    Engineered, clear, showing the Passion for perfection of our team. For Your!

    They really enjoy to realize top preformance into every detail. This is what you see
    behind a cabinet door (during production; still to be labeled!)

    Another example, nearly finished; clear at One Glance.

    The Power comes from generator, alernator, shore power and Lithium Ion Batteries:

Lithium Ion Battery (Left)

Close Up: Integrated Power System

Long Life Lithium Ion Battery Carfefully installed

Inverter Control Unit, monitor display on your dashboard

Inverter Control Unit

Twin System during installation, in a cherrywood cabinet (doors to be installed)

And a clear touch screen control panel on Your dashboard: all information on hand.

And of course: testing into every detail. Here you see Rien and Erik testing indirect LED lights, to be mounted in central staircase.

We will explain a lot more details in 'the making of' items on this website.
You will understand the Dedication to Perfection of all of the ELLING CREW.

Thank you for reading! Of course you are always welcome at the ELLING SHIPYARD
to see all of these steps yourself. Just give us a call!