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August van Berchum at SAIL AMSTERDAM. He told me as
a comment: You can see from my smile that I am 'All Happy'! (WS)


Elling Excellence

Dear yacht fan,

Thank you for visiting our Elling Experience Website and your interest in our yachts and ‘the making of’.

Our aim was, is and will be to build the world’s best motor yachts in their classes. That is a magnificent and motivating challenge!

Every day again. Especially when ‘yacht building’ is your Passion. I love it!

From the design and development, the engineering and construction to the various stages of production, assembly and montage.

You need an experienced, dedicated and motivated team of skilled people in all marine oriented crafts.

I have been an Neptune and Elling team member for more than 33 years and gained in-depth experience in all specific crafts
needed to build top class yachts.

Being a perfectionist and ‘control freak’ my daily goal is to achieve top quality results in all activities of our dedicated staff.

I go deep into every detail in ‘the making of’ since a well built yacht can be compared to an anchor chain:

you don’t like a weak link in it! Neither do I.

I take my responsibility as Manager Production for the total production of our beautiful E-3, E-4 and E-6 yachts
very seriously since our daily goal is: Elling Excellence, for the Elling Yacht of your choice!

I invite you personally to come and see our shipyard and will give you a tour to see all details in our manufacturing process.

Be Welcome at feel at home in Aalst, Holland!

August van Berchum
Manager Production

Direct phone: +31 6 51 343 252

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Today, while my colleagues welcome hundred's of visitors this week at the ELLING STAND ad BOOT DÜSSELDORF our finishing team has created another 'Piece of Excellence' with the spraying and finishing in SILVER METALLIC of another brand new ELLING E-4.

This yacht will be finished with an interior in mahagony and she will shine on the water as from early May 2019.


Top Craftsmanship; my compliments to the Finishing Team!

Nex week she will be moved to our assembly hall to be outfitted with all technics and the beautiful interior.

Apart from her we are currently busy building four other Elling E-4 and two new E-6.

We will keep you posted!

August van Berchum