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In the mid nineties of the 20th century the concept of the Elling Yachts was born. Since 1971 the Neptunus Group already had a wide experience in building high quality GRP motor yachts.


Then a Mercedes Benz dealer presented the plan to build the Ulitmate Motor Yacht in the 15 metre class.

He consulted the best specialists for every aspect, from naval architecture to interior design and Frank Mulder and Ken Freivokh came on board of the project team.


Both Frank Mulder and Ken Freivokh have shown a remarkable career in the yachting industry: Frank designed numerous high speed yachts and megayachts for example the Heesen-Diaship yacht ‘Octopussy’ and many others.


In 1988 Octopussy with a length of 40 metres reached the mega yacht speed record of 53,2 (!) knots and held it until 1992. The yacht is powered by three MTU16V396TB94, each 3500 hp (!)


Ken Freivokh also is a ‘top talent’ in his skill to create out of the box design solutions and to design innovative yacht interiors maximizing available space which he also did in creating the Masterpiece Interior of the Elling E-3 and E-4 yachts. Experience this yourself by visiting any Elling yacht. Ken and his team realized many groundbreaking yacht designs such as the worldwide well known sailing megayacht ‘Maltese Falcon’.


Combined with the wishes and demands of thousands of water sports enthusiasts and the know how and experience of the Neptune Marine Shipbuilding Ltd. the first Elling was born and became an immediate success: 18 yachts were sold at the launch during BOOT DÜSSELDORF in 1998.

Now, twenty-one years later 300-plus Elling yachts have been built and found their way all over the world.


As you may understand the stable Elling team has constantly updated and innovated the concept of this ‘mini-mega-yacht’ which resulted in the launch of the 49 Ft. Elling E-4 (14.95 m) and in 2016 of the new 65 Ft. Elling E-6 (19.80 m).


For more information about the designers please visit:


Frank Mulder:         www.mulderdesign.nl

Ken Freivokh:        www.freivokh.co.uk


and enjoy their worldwide recognized achievements.