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At Elling our aim was not only to build the ultimate motor yacht in its class; we always keep our focus on maximumsafety,quality and trouble free sailing of your yacht.


Safety first!

Below please find a number of our measures and experience to realize maximum safety on board of your Elling yacht. And: compare it to other yachts on your shortlist before you decide to buy the yacht of your choice.


To see and appreciate all items, you are always welcome at our shipyard in Aalst, Holland.


  1. CE-A certification. All Elling yachts are CE-A certified which covers largely self sufficient boats designed for extended voyages with winds over Beaufort Force 8 (over 40 knots) and significant wave heights above 13 feet, but excluding abnormal conditions such as hurricanes.


From the very first design everything was aimed at maximum safety of our yachts into the smallest detail. This starting point applies throughout the whole construction of Elling Yachts and is central in the shipyard DNA.


  1. Tested and Tried: not only in theory but also in practice of outstanding seaworthiness and excellent stability:

    3 Elling E-4 yachts crossed the Atlantic Ocean successfully and

    a 360 degree roll over test was performed at the yard in 2014. Can the yacht of your choice perform this as well?


  1. All of our hulls are reiforced with TWARON aramid fibers which gives you additional safety. Of course: this is quite expensive but into every detail we choose for maximum quality and safety for you!

An ELLING E-4 Hull in white. Top quality GRP Production.


  1. Dutch Built. Built in Holland means a lot... ‘The dutchies’ are a seafaring nation and Holland is a top quality country to have your yacht built! This expresses itself in literally thousands of details in which you can find our quality solutions. These may not be obvious for you as a consumer so ask us a hundred times to show you these details when visiting our shipyard. Also read the item: Elling: Your yacht is like an anchor chain on this website.


  1. Twin engine. When you like double security you can order your Elling with a twin engine configuration. The second engine is a smaller VOLVO engine with a separate fuel tank so if there would be pollution in your main fuel tank the second one is fully separated! The main engine is in the lowest place and in the center of the yacht. This means: fewer roll and safer in rough waters.

    All original VOLVO Engines and parts

    Uncrate the engines!

    Detail picture of a VOLVO D-2 75 HP Auxiliary engine (ELLING E-6) with folding propeller

    Before mounting; lifted from the wooden crate. It is a joy to see the perfection!

    SWEDISH Quality production and manufacturing: 

    Close up picture (Auxiliary engine)
  2. Power and speed reserve. Steel displacement yachts often cannot reach higher speeds. That does not feel very comfortable when a ferryboat or another yacht crosses your course. Or when unexpected bad weather shows up! The Elling E-3 and E-4 with 435 HP VOLVO and the E-6 with 900 HP easily do 18 knots plus: extra speed and safety for you.

Picture of a VOLVO D-6 435 Engine in an ELLING E-4

  1. A full height, sturdy and solid stainless searailing around the whole yacht. Please test it when you visit an Elling yacht and walk around the gangway. Also check the handrails at full height on the wheelhouse. This ensures a safe (working) area for you and your guests.


  1. Sturdy Equipment. At Elling only the best components and items are choosen. From a robust hull to top quality engines, bowthruster, a ‘live aboard interior’ to entertainment: all ensures dependability during long voyages and many ‘years to come’. 

Top quality electrical installation on board

Easy access to circuit breakers

  1. Top quality Raymarine navigation equipment. From radar to paperless navigation: all instruments clearly visible on the ergonomic dashboard. From radar to AIS (Automatic Identification System) you can select your instruments for safety on any water.
  2. Thermally Insulated (!) double safety glass in the whole wheelhouse. This is absolutely not obvious but check some other yachts in its class and you will see the difference! In every detail you can conclude that Elling yachts does not choose for the cheap option but chooses the top quality variant!
  3. Excellent visibility and ventilation in the wheelhouse. The steering position corresponds to that of a commercial trawler. 360 and unobstructed view: safety and relaxation on every water!
  4. Excellent steering with a top class ergonomic adjustable steering chair with shock absorber and lumbar support. For longer voyages this means: relaxed steering and less fatigue (See: www.savas.be-ge.com). Come and take a seat in one of our Elling yachts and feel the qulaity difference!
  5. Seakeeper stabilizer (optional).  The optional Seakeeper eliminates boat roll to a minimum and ensures the maximum possible comfort during long (sea) voyages.

    Especially for less experienced sailors (your wife?) this means that they go from sick to smiling! The Seakeeper is a computer controlled gyroscope that eliminates most boat roll so you and your guests will enjoy sailing to the max.

    Compare any yacht in its class to our Elling range and you will find the difference here as well.

    Please visit www.seakeeper.com to see how it works. Watch the video; it will show you how the Seakeeper works and keeps your wife and guests happy. Tip: when you decide not to have a Seakeeper on board of your Elling be sure that you buy the preparation kit so that the Seakeeper can be installed afterwards at low cost.

    On all Elling E-6 models and on most E-4 yachts we currently install a Seakeeper System:


  6. The picture shows you how  'smart and ntelligent' the Seakeeper unit
    is installed.... Inside the bed! And:
    As you can see the accessibility is superb!|
    At the back of the picture: the auxiliary engine.

    The use of spaces in every Elling is like a Rubik's Cube: every corner
    is used to the max. That's CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT over a period
    of more than 20 years. That's the everlasting search for: Better & The Best!

    For you!

    Close Up view: the central gyroscope is clearly visible.

    Also see the youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKypxsK9emI  in which you can see a test: without Seakeeper active and with the system controlling roll of the yacht. Safe and convenient!
  7. Ergonomic interior. In contrast to trendy (- not timeless and long lasting - ) sharp edged interiors all Elling yachts have ergonomic and well thought out interiors; from the layout to hundreds of smaller details.

    Cherrywood  handles for a safe stay on board, here seen during lacquering.
  8. Rounded forms in the furniture means that your hips will be grateful when the yacht makes an unexpected movement.

    Sharp corners are rare on an Elling yacht and the world class interior designers have realized a sea kindly interior, suitable for long passages and ‘live aboard quality’.

    From sailing to cooking, from watching tv or a video to working in your on board office or even using the toilet at a rough sea (!!!): have a seat; feel the comfort for you and your guests on board.

    This experience is vital when selecting the yacht of your choice and at Elling we have invested many thousands of designing & detailing hours to reach this perfect interior for you.

  9. Safe toilets. It might not be obvious to you but I tried to have a toilet walk in the French Channel on another yacht at gale force 9. Then you will recognize how superb the electrical toilets on every Elling yacht are. ’Sea Safe’!

    Detail: Grohe water tap (rounded edges!)

  10. Easy accessible engine, filters, etc. Apart from top quality components the engine, engine filters and important items on your engine are easily accessible. A large number of well insulated hatches provide access to engine, genset, heater, inverter and all other vital equipment. Here the experience of more than 40 years in yachtbuilding pays itself out.

    Quick and super easy access to vital engine parts; here you see the double 
    VOLVO RACOR Filter.

    Although it is not the most popular job to inspect all technical items: it is a pleasure on board of your Elling yacht since every part is within easy reach. Compare this to other yachts..
  11. Top quality noise, sound and heat insulation. All Elling yachts come with a top quality insulation package: both for the engine sound insulation (including Hylite!) as well as noise and temperature insulation with the GEBO Thermic Line CE-A windows in the wheelhouse. For more information please visit www.gebomarineglazing.nl
  12. Low fuel consumption. Every Elling is designed to use diesel in the most economical way. The consumption is on average lower than 1 litre per nautical mile.


10. Optimal storage.You will find optimal and innovative storage solutions and spaces everywhere on board: from fenders to lines and from cushions to kitchen stock and your wardrobe.

Even for all kinds of toiletries in the two barthrooms: thought out into every detail! This results in maximum sailing pleasure for you and your guests.


11. Built in steps. For easy access to jetties every Elling has built in steps so no danger of damage when mooring. Easy access to and from the yacht!

The sidesteps on an ELLING E-6 with the concealed air intake combined (!)

12. Excellent ventilation. Ranging from the cabrio roof to the openable central front and rear window and in the wheelhouse plus the many GEBO hatches and 11 tot 17 ( E-6!) portlights: ventilation is of top quality, apart from airconditioning (optional on E-3 and E-4).

And WEBASTO Airconditioning (optional) BLUE COOL V-Series (the future).

13. A sea secure galley. When the weather get rough you will appreciate the well laid out galley with all top quality Miele appliances you and your wife will enjoy. Another important item: the view outside through the porthole(s)! Tip: Read 10 Tips for a good galley on www.quantumsails.com/en/resources-and-expertise/articles/10-tips-for-a-good-galley     

Sea Secure doorknobs on all galley cabinets!

Of course you can choose gloss or matt finish!

MIELE: IMMER BESSER on board; here a smart oven.

Extractor hood with LED light (energy saving!)

Top Quality CORIAN countertops

14. A basic toolset on board. Apart from a state of the art instruction manuals in a separate suitcase you will find a toolset on board of your Elling.

15. Carefullness... in every action and detail. When you visit an Elling yacht please look ‘deep into every detail’.

You will recognize the care(fullness) and attention for every step and detail in ‘the making of’. A precise attitude of every craftsman in all steps of the whole process: that is the quality fundament of more than 300 Elling yachts. Visit us at the yard and see all steps for yourself. Welcome in Aalst!



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When deciding on buying a motor yacht in the 15 - 20 meter class: come visit us in Aalst and see for yourself all of the above Safety Items in every detail. It will convince you about our continuous aim for perfection!


Call Anton van den Bos on: + 31 6 55 155 127 to make an appointment for a yard visit.