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Dear reader,


When you consider to buy a motor yacht in the 15 - 20 meter range a wide choice is at your disposal.


And since most people don’t buy a yacht regularly they have not much experience to base their decision on.


Reading magazines, searching the internet, making a shortlist, visiting a trade fair, looking at various yachts in marinas, listening to boat owners: it feels like falling in love...


And that is blissful!


Which yacht does appeal to you? Hull shape, color and profile of the yacht are manifest items. But there are many more important decision factors like safety, sailing behavior, ‘feel at home’, comfort, engineering quality, CE-certification, maintenance and of course your sailing area.


Since the development of our Elling Yachts I have been involved in the company as ‘the company captain’ with great enthusiasm and pleasure for more than 20 years now. I have got to know numerous water sports fans from around the globe, listened to their wishes and requirements.


We, as a team, have combined all this (- your - ) profound know how with the professional knowledge and experience of top of the world designers and engineers into the development and building of all of our Elling Yachts: the Elling E-3, E-4 and E-6.


Permanent focus on every single detail in the building of every Elling: you can read much more in this website about our Passion for Perfection. We go a little deeper into the details of motor yacht building to increase your yacht know how.


And to inform you about our mission: to build the best motor yacht in its class!


More than 20 years of continuous evolution, aim for perfection and practical testing (like our transatlantic voyage!) have brought us to this very moment for which I am very grateful: one of the world’s best motor yachts in its class. For you.


When deciding which motor yacht to buy there is another crucial element: visit the shipyard!

Then you can meet the building team, see hundreds of important details in ‘the making of’ and discuss your wishes with us.


I would be very honored to invite you to come to our shipyard in Aalst, Holland. Aalst is a lovely little village close to the city of Den Bosch*.


Welcome at Elling Yachts,



Anton van den Bos

Direct: +31 6 51 155 127



* Suggestion: Treat yourself to a lovely short stay in our beautiful surroundings. Visit Den Bosch and its wonderful church (dating back to 1220!) (See: www.sint-jan.nl)  and its wonderful Jeroen Bosch Museum www.hetnoordbrabantsmuseum.nl), and afterwards don’t forget to visit ‘Jan de Groot’ (www.bosschebollen.nl) for his dutch-famous chocolate pastries.


Close to Aalst you can also find the beautiful village of Heusden and Holland’s most famous castle Slot Loevestein. For more information please visit:

Elling: Visit the shipyard and its surroundings                                     


on this website.


We wish you a lovely and unforgettable stay!