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Aalst, Thursday January 17, 2019


Dear Friends,


World’s largest indoor boat show is coming up in two days. Tomorrow, just before this Düsseldorf boat show, Elling will launch a separate web-site next to our own usual well known web-site. This new web site will be a platform on which we can easily drop pictures, news, customer stories, links to films, suppliers info, designers info and other up to date information about our products. 


It will be an informative web site. It is not meant to be the most flashy web site in the world. The strongest point of this platform is that it will be easy to keep it up to date with the latest novelties about our product and about the adventures and experiences of our customers. 


If you have any news, pictures, stories or any interesting related information, please send it to Richard Wolffers: Rwolffers@neptunemarine.com or to me: avdbos@neptunemarine.com and we will try to put it on this platform as soon as possible.


The new Web site will be called: www.ellingexperience.com . There will be a link on our standard web site. I hereby invite you to put a link on your own web site as well. 


The Elling Experience web site is an experiment that will last for at least one year. If successful, we wil of course continue. Not all of you may not like the simplicity of the web site, but it is exactly that simplicity what will make it transparent. The goal is to keep it simple and up to date. Remember: Less is more!


It will be the ideal platform for our customers to share their traveling experiences with their pictures and stories. The first year, we like to keep the content of the platform in our own hands, for obvious reasons. But, when successful, we might open the platform for dealers, to upload their own stories about deliveries traveling advises, special events etc. 


As we are an international operating company, we will upload stories in any language. No matter if it is Chinese, Dutch, German, French, English or any other language.


With this platform, we have something unique in the boat business: 


We will be able to share our passion. 



I wish you all a fantastic year in good health.






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